Manufacturer and Exporter of Stainless Steel Pipes, Seamless Pipes & Tubes, Welded Pipes & Tubes  
The company uses Raw Material from reputed suppliers from India and abroad. As per technical specification standard ASTM, Hot / Cold finished materials are checked for quality as per test certificate and then send for manufacturing process. We have two types of cold drawing
 Seamless Pipes & Tubes     
  • In cold Pilgering process using full link die and tapper mandral.
  • To reduce the cross section upto 90%, because the process relies on large number of small forming steps.
  • Cold Pilgering are longitudinal cold rolling process that reduce the diameter and wall thickness of metal tube in one process step.
  • By cold Pilgering process surface finish achieved matter than cold drawing finish (Less than 0.4 micron) and improved micro-structure grain size.
  • Our pilgering range is OD12 to 73mm and wall thickness 0.8 to 4mm

Large Diameter Pipes

Stainless Steel Pipe (welded) 6" NB to 40" NB. in schedule 5, Schedule 10, Schedule 20, Schedule 40 and also special wall thickness is formed on 800 M.T. Hydraulic Press in length upto 6.0 to 7.0 meters. This section produces S.S. Pipes (welded) as per ASTM A - 358 by TIG welding using filler Metal in all Passes. The large diameter pipe are then sized & straightened to meet ovality and dimensional requirements of the applicable specifications. Testing, according to specifications, is then performed by X-ray, Ultrasonic, D. P. Testings Hydrostatic Testing. Final marking to size, grade & specifications is done prior to final visual inspection before despatch. Chemical, Physical and Hydrostatic Testing are done regularly right from raw material stage, in process till despatching of finished product.
Cold Drawing

  • In cold drawing process raw material tubes are coated & Lubricated with some special chemicals or applied some special lubricant oil.
  • In cold drawing process the tubes are pulled through tungsten carbide die and flotting / fixed plugsin side.
    The tubes resulting in reduced tube diameter and wall thickness corresponding increase in tube length
  • Our capacity of drawing are OD 6 to 219mm & thickness are 0.8 to 12mm.
Welded Pipes & Tubes

Welded Tubes / Pipes making operation are carried out on the Tube mill. Cold / Hot Rolles stainless steel Coils are slitted in to srips the required width as per the diameter of tube to be formed. The strips are then feeded to the decoilar from where it passes through series of rollers & gradualy formed in to a tubular shape and welded by tungsten -inert -gas (TIG) welding process It is highly precision completely automated process where the edge of strips are fused together under pressure & protected atmosphere of argon gas through a non consumable tungston electrode without adding any filler metal.
Heat Treatment(solution annealing)

After each process of manufacturing tubes & pipes are subjected to annealing in a Continuous Roller hearth Furnace at the specified temperatures as per the grade of materiels and followed by rapid quenching as per the grade to prevent carbide precipitation.

Solution annealing ensure
  • Homogenous micro structure for optimum inter -granular corrosion resistance.
  • Removal of residual stresses developed
    during the cold process.
  • Improve ductility and softness for further
  • Transformation of weld and heat affected
    zone to homogenous austenitic structure.


Bright Annealing
  • We have bright annealing gas fired furnace which is run under protective atmosphere of cracked ammonia.
  • Brightness of the tubes largely depend upon atmosphere prevailing in side furnace, due point and Oxygen content.
  • We have provided due point meter oxygen analyzer for measurement of dryness of crack ammonia and oxygen content.
  • By bright annealing tubes get excellent finish and uniform core properties in entire tube length.

Finishing Operation & Surface Treatment

After cold drawing process tubes are subjected to degreasing,annealing straightening, cutting, deburring, pickling and passivation process.

Annealing or heat treatment of the tube is carried out in fully automated conveyor. It consists of heating the tubes to a specified temperature and immediate quenching in circulating water thereafter.

After the annealing operation the tubes are straightened with a straightening machine. In addition to giving a high degree of straightness, the tubes are also rounded up during the operation.

The excellent properties of Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes, including their high aesthetic & hygienic value, low maintenance and high durability, has led to an increased demand for polished tubes and pipes in architecture, general engineering, dairy & food-processing sectors, among others.
To meet such demands for high-quality externally polished tubes and pipes, we are is equipped with a state-of-the-art polishing machine. A range of finishes, from 120 grit up to mirror.

To ensure complete identification and traceability, all the information as required by the standards are marked on the pipes and tubes by using the latest inkjet marking machine.

Packing & Despatch
All the outgoing goods/materials are well protected by developing customized packaging methods to suit the size of the product and mode of despatch.

Pipe Manufacturing Process


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